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“Improving the world, one patch at a time.”

This is an open project, so you can help, too.

We try to collect, organize and share as much information regarding different aspects of the project as we can. But sometimes we overlook things that seem obvious to us, developers, but are not so obvious to end-users, people who are less familiar with nuts and bolts behind the scene. That is why we set up this wiki and let anyone having a GitHub account to make additions and improvements to the knowledgebase.

How to contribute.

Sign in into your GitHub account, or get yourself one if you don’t have it yet. It’s free.

Go to the wiki repository and fork it.

GitHub Fork

Make changes (correct a typo, add another record into a table, or write a new article) and commit them to your own fork of the repository.

From your repository, create a pull request, so we could review and incorporate your changes into our version of the wiki.

GitHub Contribute

Small corrections, typos.

It is even easier to deal with small corrections while using GitHub. Spotted a typo? Have an idea of a better wording? Noticed a broken link? Just hit this pencil-looking button and make corrections.

GutHub Correction