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Supported devices

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you a long list of devices that are undoubtedly compatible with our firmware. Camera manufacturers tend to change hardware design and swap components even within the same model line, without any notice.

Below, we listed some of the cameras we had in our possession, but again, there is no guarantee that if you’ll buy one of those cameras today you won’t end up with an unsupported hardware on your hands.

Somewhat working method to determine if your camera is supported by the recent version of our firmware is to open1 the camera case and take a look at the chip markings. Then look up your chip in the list of supported hardware and check its development status.

If you still have your doubts, take hi-res pictures of the hardware close-ups and ask for help in one of our Telegram groups.

Most likely, opening the case will void the warranty of the device. We cannot be held liable for any damage to the camera, yourself, your house, your pets, or anything else. If you don’t feel comfortable around hardware, this project may not be right for you.

If you have another supported device to add, please do it here.

Brand Model Processor Sensor Flash Memory LAN WLAN USB Card
Anjoy MS-J10 SSC335 IMX307   Yes No Yes No
Anjoy YM-J10D SSC337 IMX307   Yes No Yes No
Chacon IPCAM-RI01 HI3518EV300 JXF23 XM25QH128A No RTL8188FTV WiFi Yes
LTV CNE-724 48 HI3516EV200     Yes No No Yes
Rotek Switcam HS303 (v1) HI3518EV200     No RTL8188FU WiFi Yes
Rotek Switcam HS303 (v2) HI3518EV200 OV9732 GD25Q128CSIG No RTL8188EU WiFi Yes
Rotek Switcam HS303 (v3) HI3518EV200     No RTL8188EU WiFi Yes
Smartwares CIP-37210 HI3518EV200     No RTL8188FU WiFi Yes
Xiaomi MJSXJ02HL HI3518EV300     No     Yes
XM BLK18EV-0062-0035 HI3518EV200 JXH62   Yes     Yes
Zenotech HI3516D_MB_V13_RA HI3516DV100 OV9689 GD25Q128CSIG Yes No   No
Processor Sensor Vendor SKU Board identification
Hi3516Cv100 IMX222_spi_dc XM   BLK18C-0222-38X38_S-V1.03
Hi3516Cv100 OV2710_i2c_dc Jovision   IPG5020A-H-V1.0
Hi3516Cv200 IMX323_i2c_dc XM   BLK16CV-0323-38X38-V1.01
Hi3516Cv200 IMX323_i2c_dc JVT S323H16VF IPS323-H16V-38X38-V2
Hi3516Cv200 IMX323_i2c_mipi XM    
Hi3516Cv300 AR0237_i2c_dc XM   BLK16CV3-0237P-38X38-S-V1.01
Hi3516Cv300 IMX307_i2c_lvds Raysharp   RS-CM-188D 2018-03-16 E150111
Hi3516Cv300 IMX323_i2c_dc Longse/HS   HI3516CV300-IMX323-POE-TF V1.1
Hi3516Cv300 IMX323_i2c_dc Sunywo ZB6323 IPG5020A-T-N6-V0.1
Hi3516Cv300 IMX323_i2c_dc XM   IVG-HP201Y-AE
Hi3516Cv300 IMX291_i2c_lvds XM   IVG-HP203Y-AE
Hi3516Cv300 IMX323_spi_dc JVT S323H16XF IPS323-H16X-38X38-V2/V3
Hi3516Cv300 JXF22_i2c_dc XM   BLK16CV3-0022-38X38-S-V1.01
Hi3516Ev100 IMX323_i2c_dc XM   BLK16E-0323-38X38-B-V1.01
Hi3516Ev100 SC2235P_i2c_dc XM 80HE20PS-S BLK16E-0235-38X38-S-V2.03
Hi3516Ev200 IMX307_i2c_mipi XM   IVG-85HF20PY-S
Hi3516Ev200 SC4239P_i2c_mipi XM   IVG-85HF30PS-S
Hi3516Ev300 IMX335_i2c_mipi XM   IVG-85HG50PYA-S
Hi3518Ev100 OV9712_i2c_dc CamHi/Xin   IPC18E_9712_V2.0/V3.1
Hi3518Ev200 AR0130_i2c_dc XM   BLK18EV-0732-0035-38X38-V1.01
Hi3518Ev200 JXF22_i2c_dc XM   BLK18EV-0002-2035-38X38-V1.01
Hi3518Ev200 JXF22_i2c_dc XM   BLK18EV-0022-0130-38X38-V1.01
Hi3518Ev200 OV2735_i2c_dc Dahua DH-IPC-C22P E305654 JX02 94V-0
Hi3518Ev200 OV9732_ XM   BLK18EV-0732-0035-38X38-V1.01
Hi3518Ev200 OV9732_i2c_dc Longse/HS LS-IP100/40 3518EV200-OV9732-V1.0
Hi3518Ev200 OV9732_i2c_dc Rostelecom QVC-IPC-136W E305654 JX02 94V-0
Hi3518Ev200 SC2135_i2c_dc XM   BLK18EV-0035-0042-38X38_S-V1.01
Hi3518Ev200 SC2235_i2c_dc XM   BLK18EV-0235-38X38-B-V1.01
SSC335 SC3335 Uniview   Uniview
  1. Attention! Doing so, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.