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Each SoC manufacturer has its own software to adjust picture quality:

HiSilicon based boards

EV300 family

Run server module on OpenIPC boards

$ pqtools


dev mounted
libs mounted
pqtools:begin to run
the s32Result is 1
g_bUseSpecAWB is 0
port is : 4321

<HI_PQT_Network_Init>(1486)bind ok!
pqtools:server(port:4321)begin to listen
pqtools:Waiting for connection from client!

Run server module on XM boards

For sake of simplicity we wse public NFS server:

$ mount -o nolock /utils/
$ cd /utils/ittb_ev300_V1.0.1.2/
$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=lib ./ittb_control

pqtools:Waiting for connection from client!

Run client software on Windows

Download and install MATLAB Compiler Runtime.

Download PQTools and extract a zip archive somewhere on your PC.

Launch HiPQTools.exe, select Hi3516EV200_V1.0.1.2, type IP address of your camera and click OK.

Use this manual as a reference.