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HiSilicon boards

Disable subsystems you don’t use

Vendor kernel modules take about 5 megabytes of RAM (code with dynamic memory for buffers) and some of them are pretty useless you need specific functionality like OSD, motion detection, support of audio, or H264/265/JPEG codecs.

Feature Modules Size
Audio output hi3516ev200_ao, hi3516ev200_adec  
Audio input hi3516ev200_ai, hi3516ev200_aenc  
Audio support (both input and output) hi3516ev200_acodec, hi3516ev200_adec, hi3516ev200_aenc, hi3516ev200_ao, hi3516ev200_ai, hi3516ev200_aio  
I2C sensor support hi_sensor_i2c  
SPI sensor support hi_sensor_spi  
PWM support hi_pwm  
Motion detection hi3516ev200_ive  
JPEG snapshots hi3516ev200_jpege  
H.264 codec support hi3516ev200_h264e  
H.265 codec support hi3516ev200_h265e  
OSD support hi3516ev200_rgn